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Impact of Polynucleotides in Tear Trough Treatment - Bright Smile Clinic, London NW3

Polynucleotides have attracted attention in the field of aesthetics for their impact, on skin rejuvenation and anti aging treatments. These molecules, derived from salmon DNA possess properties that stimulate the production of collagen, aid in tissue repair and enhance skin elasticity. Polynucleotides rejuvenate the under-eye area by stimulating collagen and elastin production, improving skin …

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Dentist Testimonials

"You told me porcelain veneers would transform my smile, but I never expected them to transform my behavior! Suddenly I'm more confident in my interviews as a magazine writer, and socially, well, just try and keep me out of conversation!"
- Deirdre

"What I like best about Invisalign is the fact that I can take them out and floss and brush my teeth and put them back in. So it's not like I'm working around all this metal in my mouth, trying to get the toothbrush in there and the floss in there. "
- Breanna

"I knew I had to straighten my teeth. I was just really scared of getting metal braces. Lumineers [was suggested and] since I wasn't to keen on the idea of putting all that metal in my mouth. The idea sounded really simple and painless. I went ahead with the treatment and I couldn't be gladder. My teeth look great and it didn't hurt."
- Tracy

"I know you said it would make a difference . . . having a smile and set of ivories that one can be proud and confident brings a whole new dimension to conversation, laughter and socializing. I find myself wanting to smile all the time."
- David

"My veneer-enhanced smile still gets compliments and gives me a feeling of confidence I never before experienced."
- Rob

"You may tell me that there is a price for what you did, but I tell you that the smile you gave me is PRICELESS, because it makes me happier than anything that I ever bought in my life."
- Rita

"Implants are the best thing I have ever done. I'm so glad my dentist told me about them. For the first time in 40 years I am able to eat steak and apples."
- Carrol

"About seven years ago I read an article on dental implants. I have worn dentures for many years, I was delighted to hear of something that would make them more stable. It has done just that and more. With implants I can eat food I found difficult before. They are easy to care for and help prevent bone loss, which is important to me."
- Pat

"I have had dental implants for about six years. I had no trouble adjusting to them. My dentures no longer move around and that helps me to speak clearer. I have more confidence when I am talking face to face or on the phone. No longer do I get sore spots and I have had no further bone loss. I can also eat what I want and I chew much better. I can't begin to express my pleasure with them. They are great!"
- Richard

"I like simple. Lumineers were very simple. I didn't need special dental floss or any painful metal in my mouth."
- Sam

"I definitely smile a lot more. Even though I'm still in the process, it has given me more confidence. It's given me something to look forward to. I feel good about myself. I feel good that I have taken the steps to get these braces."
- Dan

"I am absolutely, positively thrilled. The fact that I was done with it in less than a year, and really had no inconveniences whatsoever, makes me wonder why I even hesitated."
- Vivian

"Wishes can come true! For many years, I wished I could have white teeth. I had tried all types of whitening and wasn't very successful. With porcelain veneers on my teeth, my teeth look awesome. Everyone compliments my beautiful smile."
- Anonymous

"I can't find words to express my deepest appreciation for my implants. After I was told that I couldn't have implants done, I felt so hopeless and scared. Thank God we have a great doctor like you to make the impossible work. I know if I weren't lucky enough to find you, I would surely have a mouthful of problems."
- Gunnar

"When I came to the doctor to get my implants done, I was totally nervous but the experience was the best I ever had. Everything was so quick and painless. I really have no words to say except it was stress free and totally amazing. My teeth look absolutely beautiful."
- James

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did on my teeth. I still can't believe the difference you made in my smile with the beautiful crowns and veneers."

"At my age, to have the big metal train tracks in your mouth…I just figured, in person with people, I just wouldn't feel as comfortable as I would with something that was truly invisible. I really believe in the product, I am kind of a walking, talking billboard for it."
- William

"Lumineers have made such a change in my smile. At first I was hesitant because it was hard to believe that a little piece of plastic could straighten my teeth. I am astonished by the great results. Seeing is believing, and now I recommend Lumineers to everyone who complains of getting braces."
- Timothy

"Porcelain veneers transformed my teeth and my smile from dark and crooked teeth to straight and white. This was truly one of the best investments I have ever made. The only mistake is that I waited about 15 years too long!"
- Brian

"I am so happy that I went with Lumineers instead of metal braces. The outcome was better than I had anticipated it would be. I absolutely love my results."
- Shana

"I would not have gone the regular braces route. I am in a customer-facing position in the high-tech industry, with a lot of young and hip people around me. To be in management, with a mouthful of braces in front of customers and prospects, just wasn't an option."
- Gina

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