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Fat Dissolving (Lipolysis) Injections Available at BrightSmile Dental & Aesthetic Clinic, NW3

Fat dissolving (lipolysis) injections could be the solution that you have been looking for. If you have some stubborn fat on your body or face that just won’t budge no matter what you do, then these injections could be something that you need to consider. The injections liquify the fat (lipolysis) and permanently destroy them before being removed through the lymphatic system. Fat dissolving …

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BrightSmile Dental Clinic is pleased to announce the NEW arrival of Skinade to our practice, a professional product that works from the inside out.

Skinade™ – the anti-ageing collagen drink that boosts your natural collagen production improving the way your skin looks in as little as 20 days. Drinking skinade on a daily basis results in:

– healthier looking skin
– more even toned skin
– younger looking skin
– increased skin hydration
– reduced appearance of fine line and wrinkles
– more radiant skin 

You can check Skinade FaceBook page for testimonials from celebrities, photos and other pieces of news & information.  

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